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"This is sublime! Truly brilliant, I love the sound, don’t mess with it!"
Chris Kimsey [Producer of The Rolling Stones]

Little Geneva was first conceived of on the eve before 2019 began. Brought together by brothers Dave and Chris Doherty, on a shared love and appreciation of the electrified blues boom of the 1960s. Having met their first singer, Rags Russell, on a council estate on a cold Saturday afternoon, they hired a rehearsal space just yards away the very next day. Using their own equipment, in a single afternoon, they cut a 5-track EP. The Factory EP was mixed in Dave’s kitchen, and was made up of exclusively of cover songs by The Beatles, John Mayall & Freddie King. 

The EP instantly brought the band foreign bookings, a sold out debut UK show and fans such as Chris Kimsey. Collectively, the band members have opened shows for, shared stages with and worked alongside B.B King, The Black Keys, DVL, Guy Forsyth, Jimmie Vaughan, John Fogerty, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mud Morganfield, The Red Devils, as well as, many others. It is this vast experience and pedigree that Kimsey heard in those first recordings - keen interest from such a respected producer resulted in Little Geneva being asked to perform at various events last year.

Chris Doherty

After a late night, Rags took off one morning. He never returned. A free and restless spirit, it was perhaps inevitable that his time with the band was to be limited. If you see him anywhere - he still has Dave’s favourite cushion. Voiceless, though not leaderless, the band set about finding a new vocalist immediately.

Dave Doherty

Over 100 vocalists contacted responded to the band’s call, and after hours of listening, the band chose 8 singers to meet and audition. It was felt that there was only one place to hold the auditions, the same space in which they first made a sound together, Factory Studios, Bristol. Alice Marras was chosen. Alice charmed the band with her personality, wowed them with her vocal power and soul and impressed them with her professionalism and dedication to her art. 

Zak Ranyard

Among the other respected artists keen to celebrate the band, is multi award-winning Texan blues master, Guy Forsyth. Having seen the band’s live show, Forsyth was keen to perform with Little Geneva, resulting in a short European tour took place in September 2019. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, booking requests continued to flood in for all the major British blues festivals. The band continue to pick up fans. Ian Siegal travelled through flooded back roads, to see the band perform at their last show before the pandemic. Siegal is the latest to join the converted.

Simon Small

Little Geneva began recording their debut album, KIN, at Peter Gabriels' world-class Real World Studios in 2019. Due to the pandemic, however, the album had to be completed at the band’s home studio in Wiltshire, something which the band believe has led to something much more interesting...

"Pure analogue, tube driven tones were captured at Real World, while the more modesty equipped – but considerably cheaper – sessions at our home studio, allowed us to indulge in all night experimentation. The best of both worlds!"

‘KIN’ is set for release Autumn 2020. 

"That was an excellent gig last night, and I'm a terrible snob! I hope you're headlining a bunch of festivals soon – you deserve it"
Ian Siegal

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